My Name is Katrin Thiemann earlier known as Anne Kathrin Scheel Hase. And within the Family Rochow Thiele ans Heeg Diebold.

My age are 40 years.

I live in the northeast of Berlin Germany.And have as you can see quite a lot of results.

I paint sometimes crimethemes or result of my research or crimeprevention.Sometimes archeoligical travelling reminders or floral ans faunatic reviews.

I can Portrait persons for you or give you a Design result.You van give requests or apprenticeships in projects and coupled projectwork.

Singing ans Guitar also Djembe is what I play and give public recently nose flute.

There is also the chance of participating for you when you want to write a comment on my Blog.

Or warn to apprentice for a respective perceptive talk about your and my artificial skills-ratings-exhibitions and correspondance.

Was andere sagen

Der erste Schritt beginnt nicht mit Worten, sondern mit Taten.

Walt Disney

Es sind unsere Entscheidungen, Harry, die zeigen, wer wir wirklich sind, viel mehr als unsere angeborenen Fähigkeiten.

J. K. Rowling

Weine nicht, weil es vorbei ist. Lächle, weil es geschah.

Dr. Seuss

Lass uns zusammen etwas aufbauen.